Drug Information: A Guide for Pharmacist. 3rd Edition

This well-known manual teaches pharmacists and pharmacy students how to gather, analyze, use, organize, and disseminate medication information more effectively and efficiently.

Pharmacists and pharmacy students can find thorough, useful guidance in Drug Information: A Guide for Pharmacists for carrying out efficient drug information management tasks. Material gathering techniques, literary analysis techniques, strategies to prepare and use the information for dissemination, as well as different sorts of references and how to apply them, are all covered. Methods are described, and examples show how they function in real-world situations.

Drug Information: A Guide for Pharmacists, 3rd Edition aims to educate students and professionals on how to gather, analyze, and communicate drug information in the most effective and efficient way possible. The book, which has been updated to take into account the reality of current practice, also discusses significant problems including the moral and legal ramifications of disseminating pharmacological information.

The first chapter of Drug Information: A Guide for Pharmacists introduces the idea of drug information, and its background, and covers the numerous industries in which drug information professionals may work. After that, instruction on how to respond to a question is provided, covering everything from the process of compiling the appropriate background data to identifying the real informational requirement to responding to the query.

The chapter on drug information resources includes descriptions of the most commonly used references and contains new information available to practitioners. As with past editions, practical examples are also provided. The 3rd Edition has been updated throughout, with chapters from previous editions rearranged to make the subject flow better. This edition is also enhanced by the addition of new chapters on journal clubs and counterfeit drugs/drug shortages.

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