How to Treat a Sunburn Naturally?

Sunburn is inflamed, painful skin that feels hot to the touch. It often appears within a few hours of being in the sun too long. You can get sunburn relief with simple self-care measures such as taking pain relievers and cooling the skin. But it may take days for the sunburn to fade.

Sunburn avoidance It is crucial for everyone to practice skin protection practices year-round, such as applying sunscreen. Even on chilly or foggy days, it is crucial to remember this when you are outside.

They are great for babies and kids and since they are all-natural, you don't have to worry about putting toxic chemicals on their little bodies. Here is a list of favorite home treatments.

Apply this to all areas that are sunburned. After 15-25 minutes, wash off with cool water and pat yourself dry. Yogurt contains probiotics that help the skin maintain its natural barrier. 

This soothes and cools a burn almost instantly. I'm sure everyone has used aloe vera at some point in their life or at least heard of it. You can buy the green mixture in a bottle at the store but I recommend getting it straight from the plant. You will avoid all the extra toxic ingredients that are included in those products. Aloe is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps soothe and heal burns/wounds.

Tea bags
These bags contain tannic acid and are especially good for burnt eyelids. Soak the tea bags in cool water and apply directly to your eyelids. This will help decrease any swelling, pain or redness that may be present. I use chamomile tea the most. An added benefit is, it helps reduce eye puffiness.

Witch Hazel
This is an astringent that helps repair damaged skin, reduces the pain and swelling caused by sunburns, and prevents the skin from peeling. To treat the burn just put some on a cotton ball or washcloth and place it directly on the burn.

You can add a cup of this to your bath water or mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle and squirt the burnt areas. Vinegar acts as an astringent which helps take the sting out of the burn and treat the inflammation and pain. Apple cider vinegar also helps balance the skin's pH level which leads to faster healing.

Coconut Oil
This is wonderful at soothing a sunburn. It gives you a layer of fatty acids, moisturizes your skin, and speeds up the healing process. When applied, it takes away that annoying burning sensation and helps prevent peeling. I recommend taking a shower, patting yourself dry, and immediately slathering your burn with coconut oil.

Corn Starch
Add water until the mixture forms a paste. Apply the paste to the sunburnt areas and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Wash off and repeat as needed.

Milk Compress
Everybody has milk in their house! Take 1/2 a cup of chilled milk and mix it with 2 cups of water. Soak a washcloth in the mixture and use it as a compress on your burn. Once the washcloth becomes warm, repeat the process. The protein in the milk speeds up the healing process and protects the skin.

This essential oil is an antiseptic that helps prevent scarring and reduces pain. Not only does lavender have healing properties but it also helps with tissue regeneration. You can apply this oil undiluted directly on the sunburn or you can dilute it with some vegetable oil and spray it on the burn.

Drink Lots of fluids, especially water. If you aren't a water person, you can also eat fruits that contain a high percentage of water, such as watermelon. Fluids will hydrate your body along with your painful sunburn. This will help speed up the healing process.

After taking a nice cool shower, pat yourself dry and apply some moisturizer. My favorite tip is to put the lotion in the fridge to chill it. This tends to soothe the burn even more.

Of course, there are many more treatments out there but these are just some of my favorites. I like to give people multiple options because one remedy may be perfect for one person but horrible for another.

Although I love all these options, for sunburn I used a product called "Remedy". It helped soothe my burn immediately. I usually peel like crazy after I burn and I was amazed to find that Remedy prevented that from happening. It's definitely going to be my go to from now on.

Of course we all know that prevention is key! I guess I need to start leading by example for my little ones. A few tips to PREVENT a sunburn so you don't have TREAT one are:

  1. Wear Sunscreen
  2. Wear clothing with sun-protective fabric (the label will tell you how effective they are)
  3. Cover your arms and legs with loose clothing
  4. Avoid being in the sun during peak hours, 10-4 PM
  5. Wear a hat and sunglasses
  6. Increase your consumption of vitamin D

These prevention tips sound much more appealing rather than having to rub a bunch of random things on the body.

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