What is Cholesterol and How does Cholesterol Affect Health?

Reading this article will clarify the main and brief idea about cholesterol. When we search what cholesterol, it means we have high cholesterol levels or a near relative has high cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is wax-like in its composition. Cholesterol runs in the blood attached to the proteins. this combination is called lipoproteins. Cholesterol performs many duties in the human body. The human body itself prepares cholesterol. It helps to make hormones and vitamins and also helps to perform other biological processes in the body.

Low-density cholesterol (LDL)
Cholesterol has two types. 
  1. Low-density cholesterol 
  2. High-density cholesterol. 

Low-density cholesterol is bad cholesterol.

How low-density cholesterol (LDL) affects human health?
low-density cholesterol tends to deposit in the inner lining of arteries of the human body and makes plaque. When cholesterol levels keep on increasing time comes when these cholesterol chunks will tear off from their site of origin and start to travel. When they try to enter an artery smaller than their diameter they clog there and as a result blood flow is hindered or stopped altogether. High levels of bad cholesterol are very dangerous to health.

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High-density cholesterol (HDL)
High-density cholesterol helps the body in many ways. Good cholesterol performs a duty of carries. High-density cholesterol carries bad cholesterol to the liver where the degradation of bad cholesterol starts.

The liver makes cholesterol needed for the body and also degrades the unnecessary type of cholesterol. There are two sources of cholesterol. One is the human body produces it and the other is outer sources from a diet which is the animal source.

Symptoms of high levels of cholesterol
Elevated levels of cholesterol have no symptoms but sometimes constant and persistent high blood pressure may give us an indication that there might be something wrong with cholesterol levels.

How do cholesterol levels increase?
  • A person’s poor diet may aggregate the situation
  • Sedentary lifestyle along with the poor diet habits
  • A person may have a genetic setup for cholesterol levels. A person may have genes that do not promote the clearance of bad cholesterol from the liver.
  • Age may be a contributing factor

How to control cholesterol levels
  • A person should start a healthy diet
  • The patient should start exercising
  • A healthy lifestyle may help to control cholesterol levels.
  • Avoid smoking if you do.
  • Minimize alcohol intake
  • Include salads and good cholesterol

When to visit a doctor
  • When a cause of blood pressure is unclear
  • When cholesterol levels are more than the normal range

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